Coastal Training Program

The Coastal Training Program (CTP) provides decision-makers with practical and relevant science-based information and skills needed to address critical resource management issues of concern to local communities. CTP programs benefit a wide range of decision-maker audiences such as municipal staff and officials, regulators, developers, engineers, designers, landscape architects, attorneys, environmental non-profits, and community groups. Ongoing assessments of audience needs feed into the development of programs that focus on topics such as water quality, climate change adaptation, and habitat protection

 CTP can help address the complexities of decision-making through technical assistance, including, but not limited to:

  • meeting facilitation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • workshop design
  • survey and evaluation design
  • strategic planning
  • serving on local committees and advisory boards

Available Programs

  • Salt Marsh Response & Resilience to Changing Conditions: Prospects for Management
  • Coastal Hazards Risk Communication: Technical Assistance Transfer Project within the NERRS
  • Working Collaboratively and Engaging Stakeholders: A Community
  • Climate Adaptation Planning Case Study and Learning Exchange
  • Interactive Climate Change Workshop
  • Climate Adaptation for Coastal Communities
  • Wastewater Treatment in the Face of a Changing Climate
  • Planning for Community Climate Change Adaptation
  • Water Words that Work
  • Using Green Assets to Make Good Land Use Decisions
  • Low Impact Development (LID) Site Planning and Design
  • Conservation Development
  • Overview of the Draft RI Storm water Manual
  • CRS for Community Resilience
  • Introducing Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience 
  • Preventing Flooding and Impacts on Water Quality