Pictures for Science!

The Reserve has recently installed three picture posts throughout Prudence Island! What is a picture post? A picture post consists of a wooden post and a constructed post head. It allows people to create a 360o digital picture collection of a selected monitoring site. Anyone can take photos at a picture post! People can upload their photos online by using the picture post website and searching for the picture post where the photos were taken. Photos that are submitted online will form a time-lapse photo series that can be used to track environmental changes over time. The environmental changes that a time-lapse photo series aims to observe over time may vary depending on the location of the picture post. The three picture posts located on Prudence Island can be found at Nag Marsh, Heritage Trail (600ft from southern entrance), and along Albro Farm Road. The Reserve invites all people to utilize the picture posts and contribute to a time-lapse photo series!