For Researchers

Island Logistics

Detailed information for getting to/from Prudence Island, and for general logistics associated with accessing the Reserve can be found at GETTING TO PRUDENCE

Resources Available

The Reserve provides numerous resources of potential benefit to visiting researchers.  These include a fully-furnished and functional overnight cottage available for a nominal daily fee, island transportation upon arrangement, lab and office space, and internet access.  For more information contact Kenny Raposa, Research Coordinator.

Research Permit

All visiting researchers are required to fill out an application for a permit to conduct research or monitoring in the Reserve, and to obtain proof of liability of insurance from their home institution.  Permit materials are available here.

Aerial view of Nag marsh on Prudence Island.
Blue crab Callinectes sapidus at Coggeshall Marsh on Prudence island.
King tide at Nag Creek.
Purple marsh crab Sesarma reticulatum at Coggeshall marsh.