About the Coastal Training Program

CTP programs are delivered in a variety of formats ranging from seminars to participatory workshops to targeted technical assistance. Participants of CTP programs benefit from networking opportunities and information exchange across disciplines and develop new collaborative relationships around key issues.

CTP planning efforts are based upon information collected through formal and informal needs assessments to determine current priority issues and preferred information transfer methods of target audiences. Results of a 2008 Needs Assessment, conducted by the CTP and Grow Smart RI and with support from 25 other training organizations, informed us of the priority issues of concern to local decision-makers. Survey Results Summary.

In addition to the Needs Assessment, a Market Analysis was carried out in 2003 to identify the topics offered to decision-makers by other local training organizations and the formats and educational methods that are being used to reach target audiences, along with mechanisms to build strong partnerships with these organizations to more effectively achieve program objectives. The results and evaluation of the both the needs assessments and market analysis were used to develop a 2011-2016 Strategic Plan for the CTP.  The Strategic Plan outlines the goals, objectives and approach for the CTP over a five year period. 2003 Strategic Plan | 2003 Needs Assessment.

The CTP maintains an Advisory Committee whose members help evaluate CTP target audiences and priority issues, training methods and potential partners and other opportunities for collaboration, as well as review CTP documents and provide recommendations.  Members represent a diversity of stakeholder groups, each of them offering unique perspectives.