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Below is a list of all of the workshops that have been offered through the CTP. We typically offer classes until the demand wanes. If there is a class that you would like to see offered again, please let us know. Programs can be as detailed or general as desired, last anywhere from one hour to full (or multi) day, and tailored for large or small groups. You can request such a program by contacting the CTP Coordinator.

Additionally, the CTP can help address the complexities of decision-making through technical assistance, including, but not limited to:

  • meeting facilitation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • workshop design
  • survey and evaluation design
  • strategic planning
  • serving on local committees and advisory boards

Climate Change

Coastal Hazards Risk Communication: Technical Assistance Transfer Project within the NERRS

Climate Change Communication- A New Approach

Working Collaboratively and Engaging Stakeholders: A Community Climate Adaptation Planning Case Study and Learning Exchange

Interactive Climate Change Workshop

Climate Adaptation for Coastal Communities

Wastewater Treatment in the Face of a Changing Climate

Planning for Community Climate Change Adaptation

Stormwater/Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure

Water Words that Work

Using Green Assets to Make Good Land Use Decisions

Low Impact Development (LID) Site Planning and Design

Conservation Development

Overview of the Draft RI Stormwater Manual

Land Use Planning

Protecting Wildlife through Community Planning

RI Conservation Easement Guidance Workshop

Village Development in RI: A ‘How To’ for Planners, Developers, & Community Advocates

Village Economics

Transfer of Development Rights: How It Can Work in RI

How to Engage the Public and Build Support for Community Planning Projects

Community Guidance to Maintain Working Farms & Forests

Scituate Reservoir Watershed Greenspace Plan

Coastal Community Planning and Development

Communication & Process Skills

Planning & Facilitating Collaborative Meetings

Public Meeting Facilitation Laboratory: Practicing for the Unexpected in Public Meetings

Working Together to Get Things Done (Collaborative Learning)

Project Design & Evaluation

Wetlands and Coastal Ecology

Protecting Coastal Wetlands in Your Community in Consideration of Sea Level Rise

The Effects of Sea Level Rise on RI’s Salt Marshes

Vernal Pools

Riparian Buffer Restoration


Introduction to Coastal GIS

An Overview of ArcGIS Online

Conservation Design DVD

CanVis Software

Water Conservation

Prudence Island Groundwater Workshop

Prudence Island Homeowners’ Sustainable Landscaping and Water Conservation Workshop

Invasive Species

Marine and Estuarine Invasive Species